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Paris Region Innovation Booster is a unique initiative giving you access to the most prestigious and comprehensive offer in terms of research results, project development and innovative technologies to strengthen your competitivity.

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We manage the project and the IP

We invest in the POC

We provide 80+ “On the shelf” innovative technologies

Paris Region Booster at a glance

  • 40,000+ Researchers
  • 1,000+ labs
  • 40+ universities and research centers
  • 23 Nobel prizes
  • 13 Field Medals
  • 568 patent families
  • "$60M invested

They work with us

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Whether you want to develop disruptive solutions or access cutting-edge technologies, our experienced team of 150+ professionals derisk your project:

We find the adequate skills within 1000+ labs and 40,000+ researchers;

Help us qualify your innovation needs by filling in our online questionnaire

If you decide to partner with a lab

  • We connect you with the right lab in terms of skills and readiness
  • We focus on making your collaboration successful

If you decide to co-develop a POC

  • We define project specifications with you
  • We assess risks: market fit, regulation, legal framework, IP Rights, technology readiness, etc
  • We invest in the POC’s development and manage the associated timeline: milestones definition, resources assignment
  • We negotiate transfer conditions

If you decide to license a technology

We help you negotiate the licensing terms and conditions



If you want to identify the best match for your technological needs, the first step is to fill out our questionnaire. Your information is strictly confidential.

We will come back to you shortly to qualify your needs.


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